Main Industrial Applications

Front and rear shock absorber rods -MAIN INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS- Read more Front and rear shock absorber rods
Coil Springs (parallel & tapered wire) -MAIN INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS- Read more Coil Springs (parallel & tapered wire)
Stabilizer & torsion bars -MAIN INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS- Read more Stabilizer & torsion bars
Other automotive parts -MAIN INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS- Read more Other automotive parts


Commitment to quality

The key premise of CAPRESA is meeting and exceeding the strictest quality standards required by automotive industry customers. This has led us to obtain the ISO/TS 16949 certification.
Our desire is to continue improving our products and services through custom-made detection and control systems, studies of advanced planning for new products, traceability controls, identification of the product according to industry automotive standards and continuous improvement groups.

Personalized management

The information systems allow us to coordinate the different production processes to achieve an adequate service according to the needs of our customers.
We are used to making Just in Time deliveries according to the different scheduling systems of each of our customers.

Commitment to the client

Thanks to our innovative capacity, we have designed new processes and specific machinery for our customers, including the development of personalized semi finished products.
Our Know-how and experience allow us to maintain direct contact with the customer from the different areas of the company, which provides agility and reliability in our answers, ensuring optimal delivery times and excellent supply conditions.


Cold Drawing+Crack Detection+Peeling

This combined process, exclusive of Capresa, makes possible to obtain bars or rods for shock absorbers on the same machine line, also to detect cracks and get the required dimensions of diameter and length requested by customers.


This process is based on the peeling of the bar surface using a head of 4 tools. Finally the bars are straightened through hyperbolic rollers. After this process, the surface is polished and with proper dimensional tolerances according to customer’s needs.

Cold Drawing

It consists in performing cold reduction of approximately 10-20% of the material by means of a die with hard metal core. The result is a surface with a precise round geometry.

CNC Machining

Numerical control machines are perfectly adapted to the manufacture of conical or biconical bars for the production of tapered wire suspension springs.

Shear cutting

This process allows us to make cold cuttings and obtain length tolerances till 1 mm.


We use systems of facing and chamfering in order to obtain bar ends perpendicular to the surface, without burrs and tolerances of length up to 1 mm.


Process of production Diameter Length min-max (mm) Tolerance
Machined 10-32 0-2100 1,5 mm
Drawn 10-20 1800-6100 h9
Drawn 21-40 2900-7000 h9
Drawn + Peeled 10-22 1600-6300 h9
Peeled 15-80 2900-8000 h10
Shearing cutting 1 10-28 200-1750 1 mm
Shearing cutting 2 18-35 500-2400 2 mm
Chamfered 11-26 270-1700 1 mm

These are some of the most common grades that Capresa produces and offers. Any other grade available upon request.

  • Carbon steels for shock absorbers rods: SAE-1040, C35R and C45R.
  • Low carbon steels for steering system parts: C15E.
  • Suspension springs and stabilizer bars: 55Cr3, 54SiCr6, 54SiCrV6, 61SiCr7, 60SiCrV6, and 45SiCrV6.
  • Case hardening steels for other automotive parts: 16MnCr5 and 16MnCrS5.
  • Special steels to produce torsion bars: 28Mn6 and C42(MOD).
  • Special steels for steering system ball joints: 46S20 and 45Cr4S20.



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